Shipping and BROKING
Services to Suit Your Every Need

Advantis Ships owns and operates a variety of vessels including container carriers, cement carriers, tugs, barges, landing craft, tankers, bunker barges, motor launches etc. which are well maintained, meeting all applicable local and international standards. We operate our own services in niche markets and jointly operate ships with partners for 3rd party requirements.

We also specialise in providing first-class ship management services to vessel owners and operators, fulfilling a vital requirement in ensuring safe, efficient and reliable operation of vessels. Using our wide network in the maritime sector, we provide chartering and shipbroking services to suit the customer’s requirement.

Given our experience and exposure in the market, we are fully disposed towards sharing our skills and understanding in offering shipping solutions to assure all our customers of personalized service, guaranteeing continued satisfaction and enduring engagement with us.


Ship Management

Our ship management services include: technical management, crew management, training, dry-docking services, technical consultancy as well as new building supervision.

ADVANTIS Ships deliver tailored, first class ship management services to ship owners and operators. Our expertise extends to providing third-party ship management services, with an extensive range of solutions to all vessel segments, fulfilling the vital processes which assure quality and safety for both the people and the fleet.


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