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Convertainers® – Think outside the Box with Shipping Containers

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Published on Thursday 11th September, 2014 at 11:15 am by Advantis Editorial Team

Sri Lanka is seeing a huge leap forward in its food culture, with numerous trendy eateries and cafes popping up across urban centers, serving up an eclectic array of modern cuisine that caters to the foodie in all of us. However, a constant constraint faced by many of these outlets is the lack of space and the limitation of location.

Cost of setting up in a convenient location to catch shifting footfall trends of Sri Lanka’s upwardly mobile consumer is another vital factor to consider by any new enterprising restaurateur looking at setting up a small restaurant, hot kitchen or café.

The modern restaurateur is also looking for novel settings to create the perfect ambiance for their clientele to enjoy their unique cuisine offering and to stand out from the many new businesses that are opening their doors to the emerging foodie culture.
An innovative new solution, which stands in stride with the demands of the modern food and beverage outlet, was recently on exhibition at the CONSTRUCT Exhibition 2014.

Aptly named ‘Social!’, the promising new 1,350 cubic feet box is a product by Logiventures, the company that pioneered the concept of commercially converting containers as living and working spaces in Sri Lanka under the brand Convertainers®. Logiventures, is a leading transportation solutions provider who has been developing innovative new ideas for the transport and logistics sector and around the concept of mobility, creating an array of new opportunities by reinventing existing infrastructure.

‘Social!’ is one of many solutions designed under the Convertainers® portfolio, which offers new businesses an opportunity to rapidly, efficiently and affordably get their projects off the ground. Convertainers® solutions are designed for homes, offices, fully fledged hot kitchens, showrooms and even luxury sanitary facilities that can be easily transported to any location with the convenience of having a fully set up infrastructure that is ready to go within a few minutes of arriving at its location.

“Globally there is a growing architectural trend to use containers in designing stand out infrastructure for businesses with the added advantage of being able to move the set up wherever it is required without the hassle of bringing down and setting up again. Even moving internationally is not a problem for a showroom or even a concept store,” said Mr. Janitha Jayanetti, Director, Logiventures.

The company is confident that Sri Lanka’s upwardly mobile population and the growth in tourism will require more innovative solutions like the options offered by Logiventures. Pop-up stores and café will be a standard attraction in population hotspots, where space is an issue or at outdoor events were infrastructure is limited.

The medical field could be another leading user of the solutions coming under the Convertainers® brand, offering reliable and efficient ways to deploy fully equipped mobile medical services to any part of the island as and when it is required.

As a fully lockable, secure, weather-proof and vermin-proof entity, the container box solutions by Logiventures comes with a remarkable life span of 25 years. Constructed using high-grade timber flooring, steel frames, corrugated steel walls and efficient double doors, all containers also conform to ISO quality standards and are carved into perfection by highly skilled and qualified engineers and builders. The technical expertise, commitment to quality – adhering to ISO 9001:2008 standards and innovative approach that the Logiventures team brings to every project helps them turn customer imagination into real life buildings.

Logiventures (Pvt) Ltd., a subsidiary of Hayleys Advantis Limited, is credited with being the pioneers and the only exporter of Container cabins in Sri Lanka, under its brand Convertainers®. The company aims to make Convertainers® the popular choice in innovative building materials and encourages consumers to use shipping containers in the construction of all kinds of facilities, from small or multi-storey office buildings to chalets and villas.