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Convertainers debuts ‘Social!’ at CONSTRUCT 2014

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Published on Sunday 14th September, 2014 at 5:34 am by Advantis Editorial Team

A 1,350-cubic foot converted container that can be used as a restaurant, cafe, mobile food stall, etc. was recently showcased at the CONSTRUCT 2014 exhibition. Called “Social!”, it is the newest offering by Hayleys Advantis-subsidiary Logiventures, brandowner of Convertainers, the pioneer in commercially converting containers into living and working spaces locally.

According to a company statement, “‘Social!’ is one of many solutions designed under the Convertainers portfolio, which offers new businesses an opportunity to rapidly, efficiently and affordably get their projects off the ground. Convertainers solutions are designed for homes, offices, fully fledged hot kitchens, showrooms and even luxury sanitary facilities that can be easily transported to any location with the convenience of having a fully set up infrastructure that is ready to go within a few minutes of arriving at its location”.

The statement also added that the “company is confident that Sri Lanka’s upwardly mobile population and the growth in tourism will require more innovative solutions like the options offered by Logiventures. Pop-up stores and cafés will be a standard attraction in population hotspots, where space is an issue or at outdoor events were infrastructure is limited”.