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A partner that can truly cater to all your logistics needs

A partner that can truly cater to all your logistics needs. That’s what we offer at Advantis, through our end-to-end service offering covering all your logistics needs, be it in air, land or sea.

We are a member of the Hayleys Advantis Group, the Transportation and Logistics arm of diversified blue chip conglomerate Hayleys PLC. Drawing strength from our parent company Hayleys Advantis, we are fully geared to understand the businesses and the needs of our many diverse clients better than ever.

Our aim is to ensure that you have the means to deliver your promises to your clients, by offering you inspired logistics solutions. At Advantis we take it beyond logistics.

The expertise of over 50 years in the transportation and logistics industry has left us with a passion to do more… and always do things better…

If you are looking for a logistics partner that understands your needs and provides you the advantage you need to succeed in your business, Advantis is the partner for you.

Our Purpose

We believe in providing inspired solutions for the complex and diverse needs of our stakeholders, connecting people with growth opportunities and enriching every life we touch by going beyond...

Company History

Hayleys Advantis’s roots go back to 1878 and the formation of Chas P. Hayley & Co. in the Southern port of Galle. Hayleys Limited is the result of British industrialist, Charles Pickering Hayley’s vision and wisdom. Nonetheless Hayleys Advantis emerged much later – in 1958 – initially as the shipping division of Hayleys Limited. In the 1960’s, Chas P. Hayley & Co. (Lighters) took over the shipping agency business of the Hayleys Group.

The company initially functioned as a steamer agency for the Dutch shipping line – Holland Burma Bengal Line, the precursor to the Nedlloyd of today. Chas P. Hayley Limited continued to act as agents for Nedlloyd until the 1971 merger of Dutch shipping companies compelled a change of agents. It was the implementation of the local Licensing of Shipping Agents Act of 1972 that eventually resulted in the formation of Hayleys Advantis Agencies. This Act prohibited exporters from acting as shipping agents. Even at that time Hayleys Limited was one of the biggest exporters of Sri Lankan products. Thus on 27th of December 1972, Maritime Agencies Limited was

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Advantis Spirit

We at Advantis believe that to be a great organisation that delivers outstanding and growing results consistently over time, we need to be powered and driven by deep rooted principles that make it possible to do just that.

The fundamental principle to achieve this we believe is to increasingly make a meaningful difference and be attractive to our key stake holders (current and potential) be they employees, customers, suppliers, principals, business partners, financiers, Governmental authorities and communities we operate in.

To build these strong and vibrant relationships we will always conduct our affairs with honour & integrity in an environment of openness & trust, displaying great humility at all times to assure mutual benefit in a socially responsible manner.

Enthused by these ideals, our inspired and passionate people enrich our spectrum of logistics businesses with unparalleled service excellence, innovative solutions and continual improvement, striving always to go beyond…


Achieving excellence in the highly competitive transportation and logistics industry is no easy task. But with the passion and dedication of our staff, we have managed to reach beyond excellence in catering to logistics needs in Sri Lanka and across the region.

Customer Service

  • ICS Best Customer Service Awards
  • NCE Export Awards
  • National Award for Export Excellence

Transparency and Financial Reporting

  • Silver Ranking in Corporate accountability Ratings
  • NCC Business Excellence and Financial Sustainability Award
  • ICASL Annual Report Awards


  • National Business Excellence of the Year Awards for Innovation and Knowledge Integration
  • National Business Excellence Awards – Overall Winner of Services Sector
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2000 & OHSAS 18001:2007 Certifications
  • Textainer Equipment Management Depot of the Year
  • Sri Lanka National Quality Award
  • National HRM Awards

The Team

Our vision for the Human Resources Management function is to make Hayleys Advantis a people centered organisation where a performance driven culture thrives. The success of this philosophy has been recognised by the receipt of the “National HRM Award” by one of the Group companies. This award recognises best HRM practices in the organization – particularly the contribution of the HRM function to business success through strong links to organisational and business goals.

Our Culture
Life at Hayleys Advantis is brimming with events and employees can pursue their interests in a wide variety of areas. Sports facilities include squash, badminton and tennis as well as a gym. There is also an in house library that provides employees with a variety of reading material.


In the transportation and logistics business, the scope for social responsibility and environment conservation is immense. We take every step to ensure that our activities support sustainability and the community, and take a proactive stance towards corporate social responsibility in all we do. Driven by the values of our parent company, we always strive to give back something positive to the community.

Our infrastructure is developed keeping in mind the impact it has on the environment. Our clients have proactively taken steps to be environmentally friendly in what they do. Our initiatives complement what our clients have set out to do for environmental...

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Careers At


We believe that people make the difference between a good organization and an excellent one. The aspirations, competencies and commitment of our people are at the heart of all our achievements.

Our vision for the Human Resources Management function is to make Advantis a people centered organisation where a performance driven culture thrives. The success of this philosophy has been recognised...

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